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Émile Dakota Caldecutt

"I swear, I never remember crawling out of my bed and walking."
Émile in Stanford, chapter 70.

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Émile Dakota Caldecutt, (PhD., BSE, BAPSY [1]) is an International Police Officer. He is tall, somewhat thin, and has greyish hair, eyes and eyebrows, pinkish-tan skin with the occasional stubble and several scars on various places on his body. He mainly wears a brown trenchcoat with a white undershirt and a pink tie.

When Stanford, Jade, Marie and Jasper first met him, his eyes were dilated, he was tensed up and his eyelids were dropped. Stan figured that he was asleep and Jasper thought maybe he was sleepwalking. He eventually woke up and found out who they were, but he quickly forgave them. His name was eventually revealed in the next chapter, and the chapter after that, it was revealed his last name was Caldecutt too.

He is also known formally by his code name Looker and Radiant Ace [2]. He was created by the Pokémon Company and is a figment of my imagination. He is a main character in the story, Stanford; first appearing in chapter 21. He is named after Bertha's father that died in the Vietnam War [3]. His name is pronounced $ AY-meel $ and it is the French form of Aemilius which is from Latin, meaning "rival".

"My boss Jake, compares my intelligence to Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds, I wonder why? Am I that special? Heh, I guess I am. I suppose everyone is special. They just have to discover it themselves. I think it's wisdom, not knowledge that helps us guide us through the world. 'Instinct', I must say." - Émile, 2006 [4].

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  1. PhD = Doctor in Philosophy; BSE = Bachelor of Science in Education; BAPSY = Bachelor of Arts or Science in Psychology;
  2. by the gamblers at the Veilstone Game Corner
  3. Stanford: chapter 54
  4. Around 2006, just a year after Criminal Minds came out

Caldecutt coa Caldecutt family Caldecutt coa
Name means
(English) Caldecott or Caldecot / Caldecote = the Cold Cot (a name for a fireless, wayside shelter) [Old English cald / ceald, cold + cot, a cottage] see here more info here
1st generation SiôrLucindaSamuel (half-brother)
2nd generation ÉmileGageJadyn (Gage's wife) • Cassidy (only related to Stan by blood)
3rd generation StanfordMarie (Stan's wife) • Jade
4th generation Jasper
Cousins, etc. (2nd) Mitternacht (Émile's cousin) • Gaël (aka Prof. Birch, Siôr's nephew) • Chad (cousin) • Albin (aka Prof. Elm, Siôr's nephew)
Cousins, etc. (3rd) Sheena (Émile's cousin twice removed)
Misc. Duke of Wellington, King Louis XVI of France
NOTE: They are related to the Victor/Theophilus family due to Siôr's one-night stand with Carolina.

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