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Ash's Buizel.png
A male Buizel
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Mustelidae
Genus: Lutra
Species: L. rufus
Subspecies: Lutra rufus rufus
Coffee, 1856
Binomial name
Lutra rufus
Coffee, 1856

Buizel, or Lutra rufus rufus, is a common species in Mustelidae, along with Weavile, Furret, Linoone, Typholsion, and Floatzel.

Luca currently owns a Buizel, but in the past these trainers have had one (but evolved or given away): Lucian, Candice, Jasper, Lorelei, Dawn, Ash, and Cynthia.

Lucian also became a Buizel because of Marie's drug after Cyrus injected him.

It is a Water type.


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Buizel evolution theory

Buizel about to slam down on its prey, in this case a fish

A Buizel's or Floatzel's den is called a holt or couch. A male Buizel or Floatzel is a dog, a female a bitch, and a baby a whelp or pup. The collective nouns for Buizels and Floatzels are bevy, family, lodge or romp, being descriptive of their often playful nature, or when in water raft.

They have a very soft, insulated underfur which is protected by their outer layer of long guard hair. This traps a layer of air, and keeps them dry and warm under water.

For most Buizels, fish is the primary staple of their diet. This is often supplemented by frogs (such as Poliwags), crayfish (such as Corphish) and crabs (such as Krabby). Some Buizels are expert at opening shellfish, and others will feed on available small mammals or birds. Prey-dependence leaves Buizels very vulnerable to prey depletion.

Buizels are very active, chasing prey in the water or searching the beds of rivers, lakes or the seas. Most live beside water, entering it mainly to hunt or travel, otherwise spending much of their time on land to avoid their fur becoming waterlogged. The some Buizels live in the sea for most of its life.

Buizels are playful animals and appear to engage in various behaviors for sheer enjoyment. Different packs vary in their social structure, with some being largely solitary, while others live in groups – in a few Buizels these groups may be fairly large.

Females are larger than males, females having one spot on their backs. They mate in the typically doggy style, like most members of the order Carnivora.

Lucian as a Buizel

Lucian as a Buizel

They can propel themselves though the air using their forked tails. The reasons why their tails are forked is unknown, but it is that it could be convergent evolution with the fishes, or possibly evolved in order to swim faster in order to catch fish or to fly above the surface and strike down on the with such force that the prey becomes paralysed.

According to Lucian, their genitals are hidden under their fur like cetaceans. If their genitals were showing, it would reduce drag in the water. They evolved to cope with this.

They can cross-breed with Mijumaru, another species of otter; however, they are in two different genera..


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