Caldecutt coa Caldecutt family Caldecutt coa
Name means
(English) Caldecott or Caldecot / Caldecote = the Cold Cot (a name for a fireless, wayside shelter) [Old English cald / ceald, cold + cot, a cottage] see here more info here
1st generation SiôrLucindaSamuel (half-brother)
2nd generation ÉmileGageJadyn (Gage's wife) • Cassidy (only related to Stan by blood)
3rd generation StanfordMarie (Stan's wife) • Jade
4th generation Jasper
Cousins, etc. (2nd) Mitternacht (Émile's cousin) • Gaël (aka Prof. Birch, Siôr's nephew) • Chad (cousin) • Albin (aka Prof. Elm, Siôr's nephew)
Cousins, etc. (3rd) Sheena (Émile's cousin twice removed)
Misc. Duke of Wellington, King Louis XVI of France
NOTE: They are related to the Victor/Theophilus family due to Siôr's one-night stand with Carolina.