Chatty Story stats:
Species Lorichat
Sex Female
Age About 7
Caught at Abandoned warehouse in Veilstone
Ability Keen Eye
Debuts in Chapter 23 of Stanford: "The Truth is out!"
Current location With Émile

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Émile's Chatot aka Chatty or sometimes referred to 'Polly' when she speaks; is Émile's fourth Pokémon. He found her in an abandoned warehouse in which a bunch of Danish people illegally eat Pokémon meat.

She battled Stan's Fearow, Fergie, for only a few minutes - but Fergie was much too powerful for her - she fainted.

Origin of her saying when using 'Chatter'Edit

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He was once appointed to a case of a famous porn star purposefully raped a young teenager girl. He just happened to have her out when he was reviewing the tape recordings that were going to used in court. Apparently he accidentally said "this is like watching porn almost..." she misheard him as him saying "[Polly] wants to watch porn". So that's why she started to say that, but it really annoys him, she does it on purpose - because she likes it when he says shut up to her.

Moves knownEdit

Moves known
Move Shown in
Chatter Chapter 26
Heat Wave
Steel Wing
Defog Chapter 54
Aerial Ace
Giga Impact Chapter 57
Hyper Voice
Hyper Beam