Pokedex for Oriss/Volaris

# Name Species Pokedex entry (if there is one) Debut Sexual dimorphism Type Sprite
1 Anolis Anole This Pokémon can change colour - green to brown in three seconds. None Females are larger Grass Anolis
2 Supalis Gecko-Anole This Pokemon can climb walls with its suction-cupped feet. It has very sharp claws that can slash trees up to 30" in diameter. None Same Grass
3 Geckalis Giant Gecko-Anole The males of this species are very aggressive and attack without will. Females are uncommonly found. None Same Grass
4 Firemou Tinamou This bird has short, stubby wings. It can't fly. It can burn a house down in an hour. You can see steam coming from its nostrils. None Males have yellow heads, females are orange Fire/Flying
5 Pyromou Tinamou This bird can't fly, but glide. It can burn a forest in about an hour. It is a very fast runner, up to 30 mph. None Males have longer crests than females Fire/Flying
6 Flametross Flying Tinamou Despite its bulk, it can glide for hours. Its nostrils are covered in feathers. It can None Same Fire/Flying
7 Ceeank Sea Snake This Pokémon is very venomous fangs; though it cannot kill a human, it can make anyone sick. Water/Electric Ceeank
8 Cessie Finned Snake This Pokémon looks like a Loch Ness monster. It can swim up to 40 mph. Water/Poison Cessie
9 Finnark Loch Ness-Snake This Pokémon may be long, but it fit into the smallest spaces by twisting its spine. It can swim up to 60 mph. Water/Poison File:Finnark
10 Shafrill Frilled Shark This Pokémon is ancient creature. Its fossils date back millions of years ago, and is considered a living fossil. Water/Dragon
11 Velocirk Shark Water/Dragon File:Velocirk.png
12 Kildee Killdeer Flying/Electric
13 Pluvialis Golden Plover Flying/Electric File:Pluvialis.png
14 Phanplant Ghost plant Ghost/Grass File:Phanplat.png
15 Lutra Sea Otter Water
16 Lupis Sea Wolf Water
17 Heratyke Stag Beatle Bug/Fighting
18 Megatine Manta Ray Water/Flying
19 Asp Burrowing Asp Ground/Poison
20 Crotalus Rattlesnake Ground/Poison
21 Boneon Bone Fox Bone
22 Stoneon Stone Fox Rock
23 Lynx Bobcat Electric
24 Onca Jaguar Electric
25 Fatalis Sabertooth Cat Electric/Ground
26 Fragmory Iron Heron Chapter 17 of Stanford Steel/Flying Shiny Fragmory
27 Cerberuss Cerberus Chapter 48 of Stanford Ground/Grass Charity-mini
28 Cergriff Cerberus-Griffin Fire/Flying
29 Aviloss Bird Skeleton Bone/Flying Aviloss
30 Plesio Plesiosaurus Water
31 Clideus Cryptoclidus Water
32 Stropheus Tanystropheus Water
33 Tiktis Tiktaalik Water
34 Elecros Acrocanthosaurus It is possible that Cyrus created this Pokémon using Xatu and Rampardos DNA. However, a few fossils of this can be found. Chapter 6 of Stanford Males fins are longer Electric/Dark Elecros
35 Sabersalmon Oncorhynchus Water
36 Emau Emausaurus Fire/Grass
37 Citi Citiputi Grass/Fighting
38 Siris Sharovipteryx Rock/Flying
39 Kogia Pygmy Sperm Whale Water
41 Hummdinger Hummingbird Grass/Flying
42 Querkbird Oak Titmouse Grass/Flying
43 Pecari Peccary Ground
44 Antilocapra Pronghorn Ground
45 Voltkey Turkey Electric/Flying
46 Candirus Candiru Water
47 Pipefisch Pipefish Water
48 Sturio Sturgeon Water
49 Gyrellow Falcon/Swallow Dark/Flying Gyrellow
50 Lorichat Lorikeet Normal/Flying
51 Toothfish Cichlid Water/Dark
52 Megafish Great White Shark Water/Dark
53 Pyrocephalus Vermilion Flycatcher Fire/Flying
54 Scissortail Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Fire/Flying
55 Fleabird Water flea Water/Grass
56 Wassermite Water mite Water/Grass
57 Rotifur Rotifer Water/Grass
58 Taddy Tadpole Water/Grass
59 Choruser Chorus Frog Water/Grass
60 Wrentit Babbler Normal/Flying
61 Angineon Butterflyfish Water/Flying
62 Shire Shire Horse He uses his huge jaws to grab a hold of tough grass. He brings luck to anyone who encounters him. Chapter 84 of Lucian, M.D./Chapter 23 of Stanford Dark
63 Suffolk Suffolk Punch It is said when the three horses gather, Suffolk brings happiness to humans who encounter him. Chapter 81 of Lucian, M.D./Chapter 23 of Stanford Dark
64 Vanner Gypsy Vanner She can easily slip into darkness where no one can find her. She brings good fortune to whoever encounters her. Chapter 84 of Lucian, M.D./Chapter 23 of Stanford Dark
65 Merops Carmine Bee-eater It is the national Pokémon of Oriss. This Pokémon uses its long legs and beak to dig holes in the ground to eat insects and worms. Chapter 2 of 82 Degrees Psychic/Flying
66 Difflugia Difflugia Water/Rock
67 Skuntel Stink Badger The long fangs can slice through bone. It can briefly stand on its hind legs and dig through clay – its front claws are 22 inches long. Chapter 32 of Stanford Sexing is hard, but males have longer sheaths. Dark/Poison Skuntel
68 Numida Guineafowl This Pokémon uses the helmet (casque) on its head to headbutt other males. It prefers to run rather than fly. --- Males' wattles are larger Flying/Ground
69 Colydas Sea Dragon This Pokémon may be cute, but don't underestimate its power. Its jaws can snap through bones easily. --- Females are larger Water/Dark
70 Dracora Sea Dragon This Pokémon makes bubbles when in battle. Careful! They are very hot and can burn someone. When it makes bubbles, one can see steam coming from its nostrils. When it runs, it lifts up its first toe. --- Females are larger Water/Dark
71 Nykus Mononykus This species has no hands, instead, it has two claws. No one knows what it does with them. It can run up to 30 mph. --- Males have longer claws Dragon
72 Ipteryx Caudipteryx During the breeding season, its feathers become more lush and beautiful. --- Males are more colourful Dragon
73 Skelos Dimetrodon This Pokémon raids people that go into caves. It is hard to see sometimes. When a Flesh Plate is attached to it, it looks like a small Dimetrodon. --- When a Flesh Plate is attached, the males have longer fins Bone (Ground/Dragon with Flesh Plate)
74 Gigalos Dimetrodon This Pokémon's uses its head to smash its prey into bits. When a Flesh Plate is attached to it, it looks like a Dimetrodon. --- When a Flesh Plate is attached, the males have longer fins Bone (Ground/Dragon with Flesh Plate)


New forms/colour differences

Pokedex for Antarcticiss

Some are Fakemon while others aren't. For a complete list see article.

# Name Species Pokedex entry (if there is one) Debut Sexual dimorphism Type Sprite
#1 Andromeda Weasel Said to be a counterpart to Linoone, because of her shape. She has an Alpha symbol on her right side. --- Andromeda is female only Star/Ground Andromeda
#2 Antlia Antlia Said to be a counterpart to Natu. You can see the four stars that make up Antlia on her body. --- Antlia is female only Star/Flying Antlia
#3 Apus Apus Said to be a counterpart to Togekiss. You can see the four stars that make up Apus on her body. --- Apus is female only Star/Flying Apus
# Cassiopeia Vain Queen Said to be a counterpart to Nidoqueen. She holds a Reveal Glass because of her vainness. --- Cassiopeia is female only Star/Ground Cassiopeia
# Cepheus King Said to be a counterpart to Nidoking. Chained his daughter, Andromeda to the rocks because of his wife's vainness. --- Cepheus is male only Star/Ground Cepheus
# Draco Draco Said to be a counterpart to Rayquaza. It is said that his blue fire is from the stars themselves. --- Draco is male only Star/Dragon Draco
# Ursa Minor Ursa Minor Said to be a counterpart to Teddiursa. He has the "Little Dipper" asterism on him. --- Ursa Minor is male only Star Ursa Minor
# Ursa Major Ursa Major Said to be a counterpart to Ursaring. He has the "Big Dipper" asterism on him. --- Ursa Major is male only Star Ursa Major

Pokedex for Britannia

# Name Species Pokedex entry (if there is one) Debut Sexual dimorphism Type Sprite
#1 Galodraco Shark Dragon It has large flippers to help steer it through the water quickly. It is not clumsy on land, it can outrun a man. However, if it is startled, it will trip over itself in a desperate struggle to run to the water. Chapter 2 of Coruscation Males have larger horns and fins Dragon/Dark Galodraco
#2 Helldoom Hellhound Said to be the embodiment of evil and risen from Hell itself; however, it is just a misunderstanding. It can run up to fifty miles per hour. --- Males' horns are larger Fire/Dark
#3 Coronis Raven It overpowers Murkrow and Honchkrow with its large beak, talons and wings. It has excellent vision in the dark, about twenty-two times better than a human's vision -- Males have larger hats and yellow bills Dark/Flying
#4 Stagolf Wolf-stag Said to be of myth and legend, it is hard to find. It easily disappears in the forest. It is said to have a head of a wolf and the body of a stag. -- Stagolf is female only Ghost/Ground

Pokémon I've made for other people

# Name Species Pokedex entry (if there is one) Debut Sexual dimorphism Type Sprite
#1 Tyflora Grass Owl This Pokémon hunts with such accuracy that prey cannot avoid it. Females are larger than males Grass/Flying Tyflora-transparent