Ferrick Story stats:
Ash's Buizel
Species Buizel
Sex Male
Age About a year
Caught at Somewhere in Romania
Evolved into From Buizel: Unknown chapter, sometime in the future
Ability Swift Swim
Debuts in Chapter 1 of Luca: "Escape"
Current location With Luca

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Ferrick, a Buizel owned by Luca before the story started. It is unknown as to where she got it but it was her first Pokémon.


  • Aqua Jet
  • Sonicboom
  • Ice Fang
  • Water Gun
  • Water Pulse

Moves improvedEdit

  • Aqua Jet with Sonicboom: causes water to spray everywhere. Used in the battle against Erika.
  • Aqua Jet with Sonicboom plus Ice Fang: causes ice shards to fall. Used in the battle against Erika.
  • Water Pulse with Ice Fang: Causes a ball ice to be thrown at the oponent. Used in the battle against Erika.
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