Gut feeling
Part: One
Chapter: Forty-eight
No. of words: 3,097
Writer, creator: Michelle Hellstern
Previous chapter: Fatigue
Next chapter: Truth

Star Spoiler warning: Beginning here are "spoiling" details that may relate to the story plot and/or contain plot surprises. Star


Gut feeling is the forty-eighth chapter of Stanford. It is also the end of part one.

Main eventsEdit

  • Émile has to perform emergency surgery on Dawn.
  • Jake assists him via phone.
  • He also tells a flashback about how he was stabbed and nearly died in Cecilia's arms.






  • Browning HP (mentioned)
  • Glock 21
  • SIG 551
  • Knife


Émile mentions Frasier.


  • Émile gets over his fear of internal organs
  • He also tries to help Dawn urinate, concluding that he doesn't want to be a paedophile or it could be the fact that he is very respectful (or maybe even because he's seen enough naked women at crime scenes).


  • Émile fails to mention that the person he stabbed somehow lived.

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