Jacob Story stats:
Species Reborn human into Jolteon
Sex Male
Age 8 when he died, about 25 now
Caught at Veilstone City
Evolved into From Eevee: Unknown, but prior to chapter 40 of Stanford: "VS Luxio and Jolteon!"
Ability Volt Absorb
Debuts in Chapter 40 of Stanford: "'VS Luxio and Jolteon!" (however, a picture of him could be seen on Jake's desk in chapter 39)
Current location With Stan

Jacob Harris Thompson is Jake's second Pokémon. Even though Stan saw that he was a reborn, he doesn't know it was his boss's (Jake's) son. Jake named his son after him. He was murdered about 13 years ago. He was drowned by Tony LaGue.

A picture of him can be seen on Jake's desk at his office.


  • Pin Missile
  • Quick Attack
  • Shock Wave
  • Thunder
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder Wave

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