Season: 3 Chapter: 50
Total Chapter Count: 79
First Aired: Jan. 19, 2010

Writers: Michelle Hellstern

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Liberty is the fiftieth chapter of Stanford.

Main events



  • Émile wants to travel back in time to save Cecilia from dying. He finally decided not to.
  • He also asks Rico to hack Jubilife's medical records.
  • Siôr is shot by his psychopathic ex-wife, Lucinda. Even though she isn't shown, she is mentioned.
  • Rico solves Cecilia's cause of death. See her page for more info.
  • Émile catches Charity.
  • They say goodbye to Ash, Dawn and Mitternacht and they meet up with Émile's best friend, Greg; whom has a Mightyol named Sol (actually Niles). Cecilia is reunited with her murdered husband.
  • Émile just figures out that Jacob is actually Jake's son. They take him to see Jake.
  • A random phone call embarrasses him because he had given some of his sperm away.
  • Émile promotes Rico to First Grade Detective and Rico ends up kissing him deeply.
  • They are reunited with Siôr, Jake and Tory (and Rico too).
  • Émile tells Jake that Jacob is his son.



  • Greg
  • Niles
  • Tory


  • Niles
  • Cecilia
  • Jacob
  • Charity




An NCIS reference: Beau and Rachel making out is a reference to Jimmy Palmer and Michelle Lee making out. See here. (However, they aren't using each other).


  • Émile tells Stan that Beau and Rachel make out all the time.
  • Tory is working on a Pachirisu that someone wants to preserve. He also seems to like to make fun of out of proportion body parts like Tony's 7.8" penis.


  • None

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