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PokémonName (if it has one)Début (Notable)Notes
Arceus Arceus10Adele82 Degrees: chapter 2Allowed Dennis to fall in love with Chloe, his Skuntank. Has appeared in several peoples' dreams. Physically appearance was in chapter 56 of Stanford.
Articuno ArticunoAuroraCoruscation: chapter 1Originally owned by Lorelei, recaptured by a trainer named Mark.
Azelf AzelfLazuliStanford: chapter 26 and Lucian: chapter 84In Stanford, he thought Stan was worthy of willpower and Lucian, MD he was mentioned by Cyrus.

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2nd GenEdit

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  • Kudolos - Unknown; a sea horse skeleton Pokemon
  • Shire - Wild; semi-owned by Winona; a Shire horse Pokemon
  • Suffolk - Wild; semi-owned by Flint; a Suffolk Punch horse Pokemon
  • Vanner - Wild; semi-owned by Maylene; a Gypsy Vanner horse Pokemon

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