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Sprite Name Real name Why they died Relatives
Togekiss Takis Takis Car wreck - died with Anastasia Cynthia's father/in-laws
Gastrodon Ana Anastasia Car wreck - died with Takis Cynthia's mother/her parents
Houndoom Beowulf Cooper Died from hole in heart/complications for it None known so far
Lumineon Leon Leon Murdered - shot to death None known so far
Pelipper Noel Rein Drowned after swimming under a log Marie's brother
Esme Note green eyes/scars on his body Esme Esme Stabbed to death Not known at this time
Articuno Fortune Aurora Died of hypothermia Not known at this time
Jacob 'Mac' Jacob Brutally stabbed to death; beheaded and dismembered Jake
Luxio Cecilia Cecilia Died of AIDS Not known at this time
Mightyol (Absol x Mightyena) Sol Niles He beaten/stabbed to death Not known at this time