Descriptions of each chapter, however, they may contain spoilers.

  • Part 1: chapters 1-21
  • Part 2: chapters 22-43
  • Part 3: chapters 44-65
  • Part 4: chapters 66-87

Part (season) 1

Image Title POV Writer Published date #
Stanford thinking Shortest intro ever! Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 11-7-08 #1
Quickly describes Stanford himself [1]

Stanford thinking Cyrus! I hate 'im! Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 11-7-08 #2
Cyrus begins to yell at him, it shows why Stan hates him [2]

Stanford thinking I'm an Eevee! :D Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 1-25-09 #3
Marie's new drug works, but there's a problem... [3]

Stanford thinking Weird Dream Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 1-28-09 #4
Stan has a dream he wasn't expecting! [4]

Stanford thinking Finally get to sing again! Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-7-09 #5
Stan and Marie are headed towards Glass Island - they are alone... finally! [5]

Stanford thinking You're what? Marie and Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-29-09 #6
Saddened, Stan continues the mission...[6]

Stanford thinking We're quitting! Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 4-6-09 #7
Marie and Stan decide to quit [7]

Stanford thinking To Cyrus: We quit! Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 4-7-09 #8
Marie and Stan tell Cyrus that their plans on quitting [8]

Stanford thinking Aaron reappears! :O Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 4-14-09 #9
Stan's best friend, Aaron reappears... the three go to Fortree City. [9]

# Title Main POV Description
8 [[]] Stan's
9 Aaron reappears! :O Stan's
10 Serpent [10] Stan's Rayquaza appears before them because Team Magma and Galactic have done something awful...
11 Swordfight? [11] Stan's Everyone arrives in Dewford Town to look for Lorelei... will they find her?
12 Steven Stone [12] Stan's Stan and Marie meet Steven Stone, but he has a surprise!
13 Slice of Life [13] Stan's All is calm for Stan and Marie, they meet back with Maylene - their best friend
14 High [14] Stan's Marie and Stan get a bit of a surprise when they go visit Lucian... Crossover with Lucian, MD.
15 Ping-Pong: I won? [15] Stan's Stan wins a Ping-Pong tournament
16 Skywing [16] Stan's Stan meets Skywing, a shiny Skarmory on the verge of death...
17 What happened to Lucian? [17] Stan's Lucian tells what happened to him
18 Lemon [18] Stan's Marie and Stan are on a boat, but they have other plans...
19 Alcohol is awesome! [19] Stan's Stan realises his love for alcohol again
20 I have a WHAT?!?! [20] Stan's Stan spots someone whom looks like him, but who is this mysterious person?
21 What the hell? [21] Stan's Stan and the gang run into Looker...
22 VS Looker! [22] Jade, Marie, Jasper, Stan and Émile's Jade begins to fall in love with Émile... but there's a problem...
23 The truth is out! [23] Stan's Stan learns something about Émile... that he should have learnt along time ago...
24 Dad's painful secret [24] Stan and Émile's Stan finds out something about his father that he has had nearly all of his life...
25 His cooking is amazing! [25] Stan and Émile's Stan and the gang all enjoy Émile's cooking, but he denies that he is a good cook...
26 Full battle! Stan VS Émile! [26] Émile's Stan challenges Émile to a full (six-on-six) battle!
27 The best thing I've ever done [27] Jasper and Stan's Stan cheers up Émile by saying he will look for his old girlfriend; Stan collapses full-force into the lake in Émile's backyard...
28 My pain increases! - Jasper vs Brock! [28] Jasper, Stan and Émile's The pain from Stan falling increases... Jasper battles Brock, will he win?
29 An interesting flashback [29] Stan and Émile's Émile tells an interesting flashback about something he regretted...
30 Four shots and you're dead [30] Stan and Émile's Émile tells another flashback - but this was is a bit odd... and quite embarrassing for him...
31 Let Live or Die [31] Stan and Émile's Émile gets stabbed by Apollo... will he live?
32 Cyrus, Athena, Lambda, Lance... and Untamed Beauty?! [32] Stan and Émile's A beautiful woman appears, however, they find out who she really is. All of the TR executives and Cyrus appear as well.
33 Bailed out! But by who? [33] Stan, Jade, Marie and Émile's Stan, Marie and Jade find out whom bailed them out, but it is very unexpected!
34 Stan's cool ability [34] Stan and Émile's Stan has an interesting ability that Émile is amazed at!
35 Flashback to DP136 [35] Émile's Émile tells his story about when he was on Mount Coronet the first time.
36 Why I was named Radiant Ace [36] Émile's Émile tells his story about what happened after he tried to commit suicide.
37 Another weird dream [37] Stan's Stan has a dream that's beyond this world, little does he know it... he figures out why his dad vomits all the time.
38 Flashback to DP150 [38] Émile's Émile tells another flashback, about when he was captured by Jade, six years ago...
39 Back to Veilstone [39] Stan and Émile's Stan and Émile have arrived in Veilstone, however, Émile starts to break down and tells Stan about when he tried to commit suicide.
40 VS Luxio and Jolteon! [40] Stan's Stan and Émile battle a Luxio and a Jolteon, little does Émile know that they are people he knows...
41 The Oriss Emergency [41] Stan and Émile's Émile, Cassidy and Rico raid a Team Havoc building, little does Émile know Rico almost dies by saving his life.
42 Mitternacht [42] Stan and Émile's Émile and Cassidy have some awkward moments... Stan meets Mitternact, Émile's cousin.
43 The Autopsy of J [43] Jasper, Stan and Émile's Émile watches an autopsy of Pokémon Hunter J, however, it's more than he expected...
44 Flashback to DP151 [44] Marie, Jade, Siôr, Stan and Émile's Émile, Stan, Jade, Siôr and Marie all tell the story about what happened at Spear Pillar/Mount Coronet
45 Flashback to DP152 [45] Marie, Jade, Siôr, Stan and Émile's Same as above
46 And the threat continues [46] Stan and Émile's Seems like the Havoc bastards are still alive...
47 Fatigue [47] Stan and Émile's Stan and Émile are very tired and they come across two familiar faces. However, Émile gets grazed by a Havoc bastard's bullet.
48 Gut feeling [48] Émile's Émile regrets doing something in his past about 12 years ago.

Part (season) 2

# Title Main POV Description
49 [[]]
50 Liberty
51 Shootout [49] Émile, Stan, Tory and Jade's Tory and Jade begin to fall in love. Émile, Rico, Stan and Cassidy go all out in a shootout. Émile saves a person's life (Det. Blackwood's).
52 Probitas, sapientia, pondera, veneratio [50] Émile, Stan, Tory and Cecilia's Cecilia decides that she wants to be human again - but first - she wants to evolve!
53 Back to the past [51] Émile and Stan's Stan, Émile and Mitternacht go back in time to figure out why Cecilia died.
54 Love knows no bounds [52] Émile, Stan, Tory, Jake, Rico, Marie, Skywing, Jasper, Cecilia and Greg's Émile saves Cecilia's life; Rico is misdiagnosed; Émile captures a Salamence named J.
55 Etched in stone [53] Émile, Tory, Rico and Jake's Émile has to make a tough decision - quit smoking; Jake is kidnapped without Émile knowing.
56 VS Regirock! [54] Émile and Janet's Émile learns that he has a son. He also battles and captures Regirock.
57 PokéRinger - begins! [55] Émile, Astur, Donmall, Raptor, Rein, Chatty, Stan, and Willow's The PokéRinger competition begins! Who will win?
58 Kidnapped! [56] Émile, Arlie, Slywing, Stan, Jake, Tory and Rachel's After the PokéRinger competition, our heroes are kidnapped.
59 Protection [57] Émile, third person, and Stan's After the PokéRinger competition, our heroes are kidnapped. Stan gets into an epic battle with Cyrus.
Image Title POV Writer Published date #
Stanford thinking Truth Émile and Mitternacht's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 12-12-09 #49
Émile is captured by the Havoc leader, Tony and is questioned. [58]

Stanford thinking Liberty Émile, Siôr, Stan, Sol and Rico's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 1-19-10 #50
Émile, Stan, Siôr are reunited again. However, they see something very interesting... [59]

Stanford thinking Shootout ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern 1-29-10 #51

Stanford thinking Probitas, sapientia, pondera, veneratio ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #52

Stanford thinking Back to the past (I) ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #53

Stanford thinking Love knows no bounds (II) ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #54

Stanford thinking Etched in stone ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #55

Stanford thinking VS Regirock! ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #56

Stanford thinking PokéRinger - begins! ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #57

Stanford thinking Kidnapped! ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #58

Stanford thinking Protection ' Writer: Michelle Hellstern #59

Stanford thinking Enter René! New Pokémon! Émile, third person, and Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 2-22-11 #60
Stan's epic battle with Cyrus ends. The team meet up with René, a professor from Unova. [60]

Stanford thinking Secret uncharneled Stan and Janet's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-1-11 #61
Janet decides to travel to Unova. A secret from one of the Pokémon is revealed.[61]

Stanford thinking Janet's Journey Janet, Jasper, Rico, and Émile's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-1-11 #62
Janet meets up with someone. Cecilia reveals a secret that may change everyone's life. [62]

Stanford thinking A new job begins Émile, Janet, Jade and Stan's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-12-11 #63
Janet's journey continues. Émile and Stan get a new job in Castelia City. [63]

Émile art8 VS Excadrill! Émile, Jake, Janet, Tory, Rico and Cecilia's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 3-31-11 #64
Émile catches a new Pokémon as well as finishing a flashback. [64]

Stanford thinking Starting over (I) Stan, Jake and Émile's Writer: Michelle Hellstern 4-3-11 #65
Émile gets a new name and searches for Doyle Avery. [65]

Stanford thinking Return of a hero (II) Stan, third person, and Émile's Writer: Michelle Hellstern TBA #66
Émile returns after his three-month absence.

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