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A list of diseases mentioned in my stories:

Bladder incontinenceLucianWhen he was younger
Enlarged prostateLucianDoesn't occur very often
OrchitisLucianUnknown as to how he got it
Asperger syndromeLucian, Luca, Émile, Mitternacht, CynthiaNot really a disease
HypogonadismLucian, Aaron, CynthiaLucian and Cynthia's was brief, Aaron's seems to be reoccurring and gets anaemia easily
Broken armLucian and CynthiaWhen Lucian was in Cynthia's body
von Willebrand diseaseMarieShe has to have blood transfusions every month, during her period
HematophobiaStanNot really a disease, more of a phobia
Kidney stonesStanFrom drinking too much soda
Scarring of his kidneysStanFrom his Croagunk stabbing him
IncontinenceStanSame as above
ConstipationStanSame as above
Mental confusionStanSame as above
SterilityStanBecause of him pulling a catheter out (injured his penis) and because of a skateboarding accident. Also, because of his skateboarding accident, he lost a testicle.
Cracked ribsStanBecause of skateboarding accident
ScarStanHuge scar on his forehead (but covered up by his hair)
ScarStanFrom where a fan blade sliced his shoulder
InfarctionLucaGot it when she was 6
Retrograde ejaculationOne of Lucian's patients???
Klebsiella pneumonia of the kidneysJacques, various patientsRarely found in urinary tract
GonorrheaOne of Lucian's patientsPatient with retrograde ejaculation
CirrhosisCyrusFrom drinking so much after being sucked into an alternate dimension
HematemesisNixFrom a tapeworm but this is most likely not the cause
Uremic comaCyrusFrom diabetes
Bullet woundsÉmileHe has been shot at dozens of times
Broken penisÉmileHe got "turned on" while looking at Cassidy and his Croagunk stabbed him there
AutomatismÉmileHe tends to sleepwalk but never remembers; accidentally knocked down Stan