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Luca Brândușa Victor story stats
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Age: 19 (will be 20 in 2010)
Height/Weight: 5'3"/115 lbs.
Ancestry: Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, British
Accent: mostly Romanian, slightly British
Birthday: March 27, 1990
Nature: Adamant
Zodiac: Horse Horse/Aries Aries zodiac

Luca Brândușa Victor is one of the minor characters of the story Lucian. She is created by me and one of my OCs. She is considered to be "arrogant", a "rebel", "crafty", "cunning" and somewhat "choosy" . She gets what she wants through her "choosy arrogance". She hates battling and will stab anyone with her cane if they say they want to battle her.

Some people call her the "spawn of Gregory House" due to her arrogance.

She got her name because her mother thought she'd be a boy (in Romanian it's a masculine name), but the name stuck (in Hungarian it's a feminine name) even though she's female.


She was born to Adela and Cornel Victor. She was born in Bucharest, Romania, Europa on March 27, 1990. Her ancestry is Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, and British. Her father said "she was accidentally conceived" because he had an affair with his ex-wife and he didn't know about her until after she was born. Her mother became deathly ill and was forced to be taken care of by her father. She escaped to Sinnoh, visiting her brother briefly and then going to Pallet Town.


She is shown as arrogant, a rebel, crafty, cunning and somewhat choosy. But she can also be kind in some situations. She is Catholic by birth. As a polyglot; she knows Latin, Romanian, French, Dutch and German. Her IQ is nearly 125. She always seems to be angry, but really she's usually quite happy. She has a habit of being somewhat choosy. She has a bad habit of saying "f***" when she is angry. But she never seems to say it around her family.

Pokémon she has

Ferrick Zoro
BuizelFloatzel Zorua

In the future

Beauty Gary Dagny Venice
CaterpieMetapodButterfree GibleGabiteGarchomp Ditto File:Venomoth.pngFile:Venomoth.png
Percy Starrick Sooty
Psyduck Starly Houndour

Diseases she suffers from

At age six, she got a thrombosis in her right leg and caused her to have an infarction. She has limped and used a cane ever since. She also takes Vicodin occasionally. She has trouble going up the stairs because of this reason.

She also suffers from Asperger syndrome, which is why she is so arrogant. She is called the "spawn of Gregory House" because of her arrogance, her limping, the infarction in her right leg and the occasional intake of Vicodin.


Her parents are Adela and Cornel Victor; her brother is Lucian. She has three nephews, Jacques, Nick and Rex and two nieces, Crina and Lexi. She is also related to Candice, Flint, Volkner, Aaron, etc. She is also distantly related to the Caldecutt family.

She is similar to Lucian in a few ways: they both have the same parents; both their names are derived from the word "lux", meaning light; both their first Pokémon are water types and they both suffer from Aspergers.

Relationships with others

She obviously hates her father, and claims that she got her arrogance from him. They didn't have a good relationship.