"Chomp" Nick Victor Story stats:
Chomp 2

Chomp as a human

Species: Canis vulpes melanos x Draco eremus gigas x Homo sapiens
Age: about 1 (16 in human form)
Birthday: June 13, 2009
Evolves from: Into Gabite: chapter 70
Into Garchomp: Chapter 92
Début: Chapter 60 of Lucian, MD
As a human:
Name: Nick Victor
Height/Weight: 6'3"/208 lbs.
Ancestry: Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, British, etc.
Accent: Slightly Irish/Romanian
Nature: Sassy
Relatives: Many, see text

Nick as he's called by Gabby or Chomp as he's called by others, is one of Lucian's sons, he happens to be a Pokemorph. He was named after Lucian's appetite and his habit of biting peoples' arms (esp. Lucian's and Aaron's and sometimes Rex's). Not even Lucian and Cynthia can comprehend how he was born, especially the fact that Lucian got a vasectomy about six years or so ago.




Chomp is part Garchomp and part Umbreon, but also part human. He was the head and body of a Garchomp, but he used to also the arms of a Garchomp but his hands appear to be like a human's (he lost this when he evolved again); his forehead has a yellow ring on it; he also has the tail of an Umbreon. His eyes are the same colour as Lucian's, and also has his appetite. He evolved from a Gible after repetitively biting Aaron's arms so many times and into a Garchomp when Lucian/Cynthia weren't around and with their kids. He does not do this any more.

He appears to be at least at level 45, but they're aren't 100% sure.

He loves to bite and watch everything around him.

In chapter 92, he evolves when Lucian and Cynthia aren't around, and also shows signs of falling in love with Gabby.

As a human

In chapter 103, it is shown he is able to able to transform his arms into humans' at will.

In chapter 105, it is shown he is able to completely transform into a human any time he wants to. This surprised everyone and they stopped talking except Gabby, because she loves him for who he is, not for what he looks like. He decided to call himself Nick, because he thought the name fit him.

He is tall and skinny, resembles a teenager, his hair is blonde and his eyes are blue. He looks like Lucian and Cynthia combined. However, he is huge, outweighing Lucian and Cynthia. He also over-towers them, Lucian is 6'1".

Attacks known so far

Move First Used In
Crunch Chapter 60
Dragon Rush Chapter 92
Draco Meteor Chapter 92
Shadow Claw Chapter 92
Slash Chapter 92
Surf Chapter 99
Protect  Chapter 105
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.