Rex Astor Victor Story stats:
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Age: 14 (will be 15 in 2010)
Height/Weight: 4'9"/107 lbs.
Ancestry: Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, British, etc.
Accent: Mostly Canadian, slightly British
Birthday: February 8, 1995
Nature: Hardy
Zodiac: Aquarius 50px-Aquarius.svg.png / Tiger 50px-Tiger.svg.png
Youngest appearance in any story: Lucian, MD, chapter 12
Relatives: Many, see text

Rex, along with his twin, Lexi are two fairly main characters and offspring of Lucian. Rex is shown as "hardy", "clever", "skillful" along with "diligent".

His main Pokemon are Paulie, an Empoleon and Umbra, a Honchkrow.

Character bio

Rex was born to Lucian Victor and Emelia Dunst (whom was Lucian's girlfriend), after accidentally having sex with her while the two were drunk. She ran away while she was pregnant, but re-appeared in an insane asylum when that's when she decided to let them finally meet Lucian.

After several weeks, Lucian finally gained custody (in court) over them and now they both live with him.

He got his second Pokemon from Lucian for Christmas, whom captured a Murkrow for him. Umbra finally evolved when he and Lexie battled Roark for a badge. (And since Roark is a really sweet person, he let them both have a badge).


List of Pokemon he has:


Paulie: His first Pokémon. Umbra: His second Pokémon, got it from Lucian.


He is hardy, clever, skillful, and diligent.

With the help of Cynthia/Lucian, he knows a little bit of Romanian. And with the help of Aaron/Liza, he knows a little bit of French.


He is smart enough to already know what sex is.

He gets along with Lexi very well, the two are like two peas in a pod. At first he wasn't too sure about Crina, but he gets along with her as well. He also gets along well with Aaron and Liza, and with Cynthia and Lucian, too.

He calls Cynthia "mom" despite her being his step-mother.