Roark Rocky Cobble Story stats:
Roark anime
Quote: "Who says my dad and I are palaeontoligsts? We love archaeology, too."
Age: 21 (will be 22 in 2010), 14 in SnazzyShipping
Height/Weight: 5'6"/175 lbs.
Ancestry: French, German, British, American, Irish
Accent: Slightly American/Irish
Birthday: November 23, 1986
Nature: Modest
Zodiac: ---
Youngest appearance in any story: SnazzyShipping (upcoming)
Also appears in: Maylene (chapter 1-present), Lucian, M.D. (briefly) and Stanford (briefly)
Relatives: Many, see text
As a palaeontologist:
Education Master of Science (M.S.)
Specialty Palaeobiology, Taphonomy, Palaeozoology

Roark Rocky Cobble, is a main character in the story Maylene. He is shown to be funny, cute, interesting and a bit of a pervert. He is distantly related to Lucian.


Young Roark

As a kid

He was born to Lorelei and Byron Cobble on Cinnabar Island; however, Lorelei divorced Byron and he barely knew her, except she gave him a Glameow when he was really young.


Roark is a comedian - he loves to be funny and hates being serious. He is very lovable and kind. He used to be obsessed with fossils and geology, but he toned down a little.

He loves his cousin Volkner, his best friends Flint and Stanford as if they were brothers and Marie as if she were his sister.

Pokémon he hasEdit

Glamour (→ from Lorelei) Starry Cepheus
GlameowPurugly Female StarlyFemale StaraviaFemale Staraptor CranidosRampardos
Lachlan Draco Scully
GeodudeGravelerGolem Onix StunkySkuntank
Perry Eleck Avilik
Female Pachirisu Elecros Beak fossilAviloss


He has traded with Maylene and Byron.

With Byron

Aureole (→ to Byron) FOR Bailey (→ from Byron)
EggCranidosRampardos EggShieldonBastiodon

With Maylene


Roark has a collection of fossils, kept in cases in his house:

  • Aviloss (resurrected)

In the museum:

  • Coprolites (fossilised dung) - he believes they're from Rampardos
  • Trace fossils - unknown (Maylene thinks they're Cranidos) tracks
  • Horsetail
  • Sunkern leaf - he found it when he was a kid
  • Giant Anorith - his father found it, possibly
  • Various other fossils

Diseases he suffers fromEdit

He used to vomit in front of women because of embarrassment. He soon stopped after he first kissed and had sex with Maylene.

He also has a huge scar on his back from when his Cranidos headbutted him. He breaks down every time he is reminded, it was so traumatic.

He once tried to save his dad's life by pushing him out of the way and the rock smashed into his head (even though it wasn't that big). Winona called his father negligent because he didn't know CPR. She saved his life.

He was also sick for about a week due to a terrible case of the flu after the previous incident.

He broke his finger because Cyrus commanded a bunch of Gyarados to use Dragon Rage, which caused him to beach on an island, that force caused him break a finger when he slammed into a rock. Every morning it pops out of place and he has to pop it back in.

Relationships with othersEdit

He considers Volkner, Flint, Lucian, etc. to be his brothers and Candice, Cynthia, Winona, etc. to be his sisters.

His first true love was Mayelene but he knew she was too young. He finally told her about 6 years later.


Byron is his father, Volkner is his cousin, Maylene is his half-sister (and wife - he doesn't care) and so is Winona. He is related to Lucian and distantly related to the Caldecutt family and Flint.