Skywing Story stats:
Shiny Fragmory
Species Fragmory
Sex Female
Age About 8
Caught at Veilstone City
Evolved into From Skarmory: Chapter 26 of Stanford: "Full battle! Stan VS Émile!"
Ability Lightningrod
Debuts in Chapter 16 of Stanford: "Skywing"
Current location With Stan

Standford's Fragmory aka Skywing is his twelfth Pokémon. He found her barely alive. She had been beaten up by a flock of Skarmories. They ripped her up: her beak, toe, leg, and crest were missing, her cornea on her right eye was scratched, there were scratches all along her body. She was a shiny, so Stan assumed someone was after her. When she evolved, everything was healed.

She is one of Stan's strongest Pokémon and one of his main battlers.

She was easily defeated by Cecilia's Fire Fang [1].

Though it is known shown, but Stan figured out that she has the ability Lightningrod, however; she mentions it previously.

Her personality is strong and vigorous. She hates losing and rarely gives up.


Moves known
Move Shown in
Brave Bird Chapter 26
Aerial Ace
Air Slash
Close Combat
Steel Wing Chapter 31
Night Slash Chapter 54
Sleep Talk
Ominous Wind

  1. Chapter 52 of Stanford