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List of storiesEdit

TitleFirst publishedUpdatedWordsCategoryReviewsChaptersStatusMain charactersNotes
Lucian, MD 11-1-08 4-1-10 161,603 Pokémon/House MD crossover 26 105 On hiatus shortly Lucian and Cynthia Part of the Victor/Theophilus chronicles
Stanford 11-7-08 4-23-10 142,835 Pokémon/CSI crossover 26 53 On hiatus shortly Stanford, Marie and Émile Part of the Caldecutt chronicles
SnazzyShipping 11-21-08 3-18-10 19,248 Pokémon 15 23 On hiatus shortly Lucian, Cynthia, Flint, Aaron and Bertha Part of the Victor/Theophilus chronicles
Luca 1-24-09 8-16-09 12,078 Pokémon 12 8 Being rewritten Luca and possibly Iggy Part of the Victor/Theophilus chronicles
Why am I a Pokémon? 3-1-09 7-27-09 5,441 Pokémon 9 5 Discontinued, has a sequel Leon, Anastasia, Takis, Beowulf and Noel Part of Reborn chronicles
Maylene 4-16-09 4-8-10 17,028 Pokémon 3 7 Complete, will be a sequel Maylene, Roark, Stan, Marie, Lorelei and Byron Part of the Victor/Theophilus chronicles
ConjunctionShipping 4-24-09 10-12-09 17,839 Pokémon 30 14 On hiatus Stanford, Marie, Jade and Cyrus Part of the Caldecutt chronicles

Lucian, M.D.Edit

Lucian, M.D.
Author Michelle H.
Date 2008-Present
Previous SnazzyShipping
Next None
Chapters 105
Words 161,603
Language English, but they do speak Romanian
Genres Action, romance, drama

A story from his POV. Lots of House references. He meets House, which is a figment of his imagination. Rated M for obvious reasons. It's mostly in his POV, with the few exceptions. For a list of characters, see below.

References to pop cultureEdit

  • House references throughout (most of them chapter 93-present)
    • Lucian returns to the hospital and gets his own team of doctors, both of them his best friends
  • American Dad! reference in chapter 45
  • Family Guy reference in chapter chapter 18
  • Many poetic and music references throughout

List of diseasesEdit

See here: List of diseases mentioned

Random TriviaEdit

  • Lucian isn't exactly a medical doctor yet, but he is working towards it; hence the name of the story.
  • They don't go to the Pokémon League very often due to the lack of trainers wanting to battle them, plus all the vacation days they have to fill up.
  • Cyrus seems to have a grudge against him, but Lucian diagnosis him with familial Mediterranean disease and psychosis. This is probably due to the fact that Cyrus touched Mesprit, hence why he seems to hate Lucian.
  • Chomp is shown to be able to transform his arms into human arms at will.
  • Lucian's and Cynthia's love song is Maggie May by Rod Stewart. I haven't revealed this yet, but it was a song Flint played on his guitar while the two first kissed (this will be SnazzyShipping, however).

List of characters in Lucian, M.D.
Main LucianCynthiaRexLexiCrinaDirkBartholomäusAaronFlintChompBerthaStanfordMarieCyrusPaul (Charon)SiôrNorman (Nix)Luca
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