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A piece of the Red Chain that they left behind

Team Galactic is a main evil team in any of my stories. Their goal was to create a new world without any wars.

Former members

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Former members

  • Stanford
  • Marie
  • Jade
  • Cyrus - left TG and formed an alliance with Team Rocket executives Apollo, Athena, Lance and Lambda.

New Galactic

New Galactic is the reformed Team Galactic with better morals; it's a group of very strong trainers that help defeat other evil organizations, pretty much. Their motto is "Ex divum ut universum" (or "De la cer la universitate") which means "From the sky to the universe".

  • Lucian - Leader - aka Altair
  • Cynthia - Co-leader - aka Bellatrix
  • Ylva - aka Alycone
  • Stanford - aka Rigel - co-leader
  • Marie - aka Vega - co-leader
  • Paul - aka Charon
  • Norman - aka Nix
  • Emma - aka Elektra
  • Dag Backlot - aka Fomalhaut
  • Jonah - aka Janus

Their new logo, needs some work...


  • The background is a dark blue;
  • The two letters "NG" appear in the foreground -
    • The two letters are gold and surrounded in black (like the old logo).
  • The three constellations in which the four leaders get their stellar names appear in the background:
    • Vega is in the constellation Lyra;
    • Altair is in the constellation Aquila;
    • Bellatrix and Rigel are in the constellation Orion (as well as Betelgeuse).