Tony LaGue Story stats:
Quote: "Anyone who's against me is a dead man."
Age: 32
Height/Weight: Unknown, to be determined by an ME.
Hometown: Unknown
Ancestry: English, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, Canadian, French, etc.
Accent: Heavy German and Norwegian.
Birthday: sometime in 1978?
Nature: --
Zodiac: --
Relatives: None
Team Havoc:.
Sex Male
City None
Job Head of Team Havoc
Rank Boss
Similar to Paul Millander of CSI: Las Vegas
First appearance: Chapter 49 of Stanford
Last appearance: Chapter 49 of Stanford
Reason: Shot at by Mitternacht and Émile

Tony LaGue, not much is known about him except that the IP were looking for him for more than 20 years. It's possible he planned the murder of Niles Harris himself, but this isn't known.

He injected truth serum into Émile just so he could tell the truth. He was shot at by Mitternacht and Émile, both bullets hitting his brain at the same time, causing an instant death.