Émile's known scars so far
Émile's scars as of chapter 49-present

Tony tries to get the truth out of Émile

Season: 2 Chapter: 49
Total Chapter Count: 66
First Aired: March 22, 2010

Guest Starring: Tony
Featuring: Émile, Stanford, Mitternacht, Astur, Precious, Fergie, Khloe, Jacob
Also Appearing: Ash, Dawn, Ash's Pikachu, Dawn's Togekiss, Charity
Writers: Michelle Hellstern

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Plot: The chapter starts off from with Émile's POV. A Cerberuss checks them out. However; this is not the case. She does not want to hurt them. The Cerberuss's name is now known as Charity.

She begins to show them the way. She is able to track Havoc's scent despite the fact that they may have gloves on. They finally find it and Émile comes up with a plan to get in. Stan and Émile crawl through a vent and find some of the grunts. He ends up arresting them. He tells Stan to stay there, so they won't escape. As he begins to walk, someone knocks him down and steals his gun, shoving it into his forehead. It is shown to be Tony, a murderer he has been searching for for years. He whistles, barely audible to a normal human, but not for Stan. He comes running but Tony threatens to blow Émile's brains out if he didn't stop walking.

Instead of shooting him, however; he jabs some truth serum into him. This causes Stan to faint. As Tony begins to ask questions, he starts to play a mind game, or as he called it "reverse hangman" on him. He shoots him in the right foot.

It switches to Mitternacht's POV briefly; as she cannot get a proper aim on Tony.

It switches back to Émile's POV. He gets another question wrong and Tony shoots him in the other foot. He says "I will tell you all about me as long as you cooperate and stop shooting me like that." but Tony ends up shooting him in the leg because he didn't like that answer. He begins to tell Tony all about his life.

As he finished, Tony turns around and Émile punches him in the jaw and he got his gun back. As he stood up, Émile and someone else shoots him, because he heard two shell casings hit the ground. Mitternacht jumps down and revealed that she shot him as well. Stan wakes up eventually. Émile limps and forgets that he had been shot three times. Mitternacht wonders why he said he was enjoying it. He replies "it was the truth serum."

The chapter ends with a cliffhanger.

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